WATER JOE® – NATURELL – NATURAL – Naturally refreshing mineral water


During strenuous activities, you long for a refreshing drink that will quickly and enjoyably quench your thirst. WATER JOE® – NATURELL is that drink: a refreshing, naturally-produced mineral water. No calories, no sugar, no preservatives and no colourings: The natural thirst-quencher WATER JOE® – NATURELL – gets you through a wide range of moments. Whether it be day or night: athletes, party people and other performance-conscious water lovers appreciate the neutral-flavoured water that contributes to a healthy diet. A wonderfully pleasant refreshment and one of the most reliable pick-me-ups among sugar-free soft drinks!

Refreshing alternative to water with caffeine

WATER JOE® – NATURELL – the naturally refreshing mineral water that pampers your throat is also available without caffeine. Unlike WATER JOE® – DAS ORIGINAL it does not contain caffeine, but is no less of a pick-me-up. While DAS ORIGINAL gives you a caffeine kick, your thirst doesn't stand a chance with WATER JOE® – NATURELL –. The party drink helps get you through the night and replenishes your energy reserves – during the day in the office, at university or during sports. Discover the most natural of all drinks for yourself – WATER JOE® water with a kick, but without calories!

The health-conscious thirst-quencher made in Germany

Just like WATER JOE® – DAS ORIGINAL – our natural mineral water without caffeine comes from a German spring. It is located in the middle of a nature reserve, so you can be sure that our sugar-free soft drinks are 100% made in Germany. The natural mineral water is bottled in sterilised PET bottles that are unbreakable, handy and recyclable. In contrast to our caffeinated natural mineral water, the refreshing H2O does not contain any stimulating additive, but does contain valuable minerals from layers of rock. Experience the incomparable refreshment of WATER JOE® – NATURELL – and join other success-driven, performance- and health-conscious people!

  • Fresh seal Guarantees the highest level of quality

  • PET BOTTLE Handy, unbreakable, recyclable.

  • SPORTS CAP The perfect closure for every situation.

  • HEALTH CONSCIOUS No calories, no colourings, no sugar.

  • EXCLUSIVE Manufacturing and distribution in Germany. Made in Germany.