WATER JOE® - Natural mineral water with caffeine


Long nights on which you can't keep your eyes open? Tough days at school, university or the office, where stress and the daily bustle rob you of your last strength? Or is it intensive workouts that you can only get through with a real pick-me-up? WATER JOE® – DAS ORIGINAL helps you get you through a wide range of situations and gives you what you need the most: a caffeine kick that invigorates your body and helps fight fatigue. Quench your thirst with natural mineral water that supports a healthy diet at home and on the go. Stay performance-conscious, success-driven and get the world's first water with a kick in the form of stimulating caffeine.

No sugar, no calories: the healthy pick-me-up with a caffeine kick

WATER JOE® –  DAS ORIGINAL dispenses with anything that could spoil your mood. No colourings, no sugar and therefore no calories: this is the three-pronged principle that establishes this caffeinated caffeine as the party drink par excellence. Enjoy this neutrally flavoured pick-me-up with a clear conscience and avoid sticky sugared energy drinks that glut your body with unnecessary calories. Make a commitment to healthy eating with this water and discover for yourself that caffeinated natural mineral water is the healthiest thirst-quencher of them all. A pick-me-up created for all those who want to get through the day and night while looking out for their health.

Sugar-free soft drinks made in Germany

WATER JOE® DAS ORIGINAL as well as WATER JOE® NATURELL are close bedfellows. Our sugar-free soft drinks originate from a spring in the middle of a German nature reserve. The caffeinated soft drink made from natural mineral water is filled directly into recyclable PET bottles, which are also completely unbreakable and sterilised. Your natural mineral water with caffeine is therefore produced under sustainable conditions. This makes the smart water with a kick taste even better – you can feel WATER JOE® functional water vitalising your body...

Kein Zucker - Keine Kalorien - Keine Farbstoffe

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  • Freshness seal and sterilized PET bottles guarantee the highest quality standards.

  • NATURAL MINERAL WATER with caffeine

  • INNOVATION The first water in the world with caffeine.

  • PET BOTTLES Convenient, unbreakable, recyclable.

  • SPORTS CAP The ideal cap for any situation.

  • MULTIPLE AWARDS functional water no. 1

  • HEALTH CONSCIOUS No calories, no dyes, no sugar.

  • PREMIUM Produced and distributed in Germany. Made in Germany.

WATER JOE® –DAS ORIGINAL– is what is known as functional water. In Germany, the mineral content of functional waters cannot be listed due to the food labeling regulation. However, WATER JOE® –DAS ORIGINAL– has the same mineral content as our WATER JOE® –NATURELL–.

Caffeinated beverage made from natural mineral water
Ingredients: Natural mineral water, caffeine (0.017%)

Nutritional information per 100 ml.