The healthier alternative to cola

A healthy energy drink with no sugar

Are you looking for a healthy alternative to cola, coffee and energy drinks? Then WATER JOE® is the right choice for you. In fact, it is only water, but it is water has a lot to offer. We present the first water with caffeine – you should definitely give our new party drink a try. It helps you to boost your performance without consuming sugar. The drink contains no calories and will therefore delight athletes from all areas. Water refreshes and our drink WATER JOE® gives you an extra kick. Our pick-me-up is bottled in an attractive bottle. Everyone should have the new trend "Made in Germany" drink at home. Cool drinks don't always have to be brightly coloured. Our water contains no colourings and impresses with its excellent properties. Moreover, there is no sugar in WATER JOE®. WATERJOE® is thus good for the figure while still being effective.

The ultimate caffeine kick

Surely you also have days on which you simply can't motivate yourself. You reach straight for an energy drink – but it’s really not good for your health. With WATER JOE® you achieve the same effect and yet you actually only drink water. Our alternative to cola, coffee and energy drinks is well received and is also suitable as a gift. WATER JOE® will definitely cause a sensation at your next party. The new water from Germany is a real powerhouse. Your pick-me-up is already in the starting blocks and all you have to do is grab it. Made from natural water, WATER JOE® brings real freshness to your life. Our functional water has already won numerous awards and the unbreakable PET bottle can even be equipped with a sports cap. No sugar, no calories, no added colours and you still get a kick? Only WATER JOE® can do this!

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Caffeine Comparison

WATER JOE® - THE ORIGINAL - 170 mg/l Coffee 170 mg/l Black tea 150 mg/l Cola 100 mg/l