Soft drink with no sugar

WATER JOE® – Your fresh kick with an extra hit of caffeine and no added sugar or colours

If you’re looking for a healthy and invigorating soft drink with no sugar, Gondwana AQUA Tech GmbH has the solution for you. The functional water from WATER JOE® is the world's first mineral water with caffeine that is guaranteed to contain no added colour or sugar. No calories is the magic word for our award-winning no.1 functional water. Water refreshes, caffeine invigorates – and all this without calories or colourings. For more information get in touch with us.

Guaranteed to contain no sugar or colourings

The functional water from WATER JOE® is guaranteed to contain no sugar, no colourings and, with 85 mg of caffeine per bottle, provides power against fatigue with every sip. Our caffeinated soft drink with no added sugar keeps you on your toes at work, fit during sports and lively at parties. If you enjoy having fun without getting tired, are health-conscious and performance-driven and don't need any calories in your soft drink, you're on the safe side with WATER JOE®  DAS ORIGINAL There are now many imitators, but only we are the original.

Fresh caffeine kick in mineral water, keeping you fit and healthy through day and night

If you don't like sugar and colourings in your soft drink but want to stay on the ball, keep active and in top shape thanks to caffeine in your mineral water, then we have the right product for you. Sip by sip, you are treated to an invigorating freshness with an extra kick and while looking after your health at the same time. Manufactured and distributed exclusively in Germany. The mineral water comes from a pure, unspoilt spring in a nature reserve. The water there collects valuable minerals for your health from unpolluted rocks, such as quartzite and slate. In our state-of-the-art bottling plant, our PET bottles with practical sports cap are filled with water and caffeine – but guaranteed no preservatives. Grab one now and treat yourself to this unique soft drink with no sugar!

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Caffeine Comparison

WATER JOE® - THE ORIGINAL - 170 mg/l Caffeine 170 mg/l Black tea Tee 150 mg/l Cola 100 mg/l