You love the EXTRA KICK you get from WATER JOE®


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WATER JOE® - Eiswürfel

Power Cubes

Pimp your next cocktail, long drink, of fruit juice with ice cubes made from WATER JOE® – DAS ORIGINAL – for an extra caffeinated kick.

WATER JOE® - Cocktails

Cocktail Kick

Fill WATER JOE® – DAS ORIGINAL – in a big
pitcher and add your favorite fruits—this will give your
WATER JOE® – DAS ORIGINAL– a fruity flavor. Perfect for garden parties!

WATER JOE® Coffee 2.0

Coffee 2.0

You don’t want to miss out on the taste of a hot cup of coffee in the morning? Just use WATER JOE® – DAS ORIGINAL – for your coffee and you’ll get an EXTRA KICK!

How do you drink your WATER JOE®

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