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A healthy fitness drink for every day


The world is ready for a new soft drink. But is there is actually a healthy fitness drink that contains no calories, colourings and sugar? Yes, because WATER JOE® leaves no questions unanswered. WATER JOE® has it all – the first caffeinated water gives you an absolutely fresh kick. The water contains no calories and is thus the first choice for demanding athletes. Moreover, it contains no sugar, which is why this healthy alternative to well-known energy drinks has what it takes to become the new trend drink. Naturalness is the top priority here, which is why no colourings have been used. The water comes from springs, transferring the power of nature to your body. The caffeine also contributes to an increase in performance. This pick-me-up already has cult character – hence this water has already won several prizes. No wonder, because many ambitious people have been waiting for this special mixture.

WATER JOE is served in an appealing format

A trendy drink also needs an innovative bottle. As a healthy fitness drink, WATER JOE® gets everything right here too. The PET bottle from WATER JOE® is unbreakable and can even be fitted with a sports cap. If you’re still looking for a special gift, then you should also consider WATER JOE®. This water is motivated by success and should not be missing from any refrigerator. There's never been a water containing caffeine before. No calories, no colourings, no sugar – it this even possible? This is a sporty combination that WATER JOE® turns into a pick-me-up. It ensures that nothing gets in the way of a healthy diet, while its caffeine content increases performance. There's nothing better – you shouldn't miss this revolution. This water is unique in the world and you should definitely give it a try. Anyone who is performance-driven and wants to experience a fresh, watery kick should certainly look no further than WATER JOE®.

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Caffeine Comparison

WATER JOE® - THE ORIGINAL - 170 mg/l Coffee 170 mg/l Black tea 150 mg/l Cola 100 mg/l