Caffeinated water

Our caffeinated water gives you a kick


Do you need a pick-me-up and want to avoid calories? This was simply not possible until now. But thanks to WATER JOE® this vision finally becomes reality. We have established the first caffeinated water on the market. Our pick-me-up gives you the absolute freshness kick. It’s how tired people are staying on the ball these days. Our water is also popular with athletes. WATER JOE® contains no colourings and is available as sparkling mineral water with caffeine and still water with caffeine. Our functional water is becoming the first choice for health-conscious people who still want to perform. As a water with a kick, WATER JOE® stands for success. Ambitious people in particular can no longer do without our water at work or during sports. It gets you through the day and raises your mood to a new level.

For a sporty figure

In contrast to other drinks with caffeine, WATER JOE® does not contain any calories. The water contains no sugar or colourings. Our water with a kick is healthy and combats fatigue effectively.
Each bottle of WATER JOE® contains 85 mg of caffeine, which is sufficient to increase performance. You don’t always have to choose a sugary energy drink – we offer you a healthy alternative. Our freshness seal guarantees you the highest quality – you should definitely give the first water with caffeine a try. The handy PET bottle is unbreakable and recyclable. This makes it perfect for sports activities. We also offer a sports cap for the bottle, which makes handling even easier during sports. Our caffeinated water has already won numerous prizes – its success is no coincidence. The "Made in Germany" water is currently causing a sensation. Discover its qualities for yourself. Get a kick with our WATER JOE® caffeinated water!

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Caffeine Comparison

WATER JOE® - DAS ORIGINAL - 170 mg/l Coffee 170 mg/l Black tea 150 mg/l Cola 100 mg/l