Caffeinated drink

Water as a caffeinated drink? WATER JOE® makes it possible!

Do caffeinated drinks really always have to be garish and colourful? A party drink with no added sugar? No calories and no added colours? Can this really be possible? With WATER JOE®, it is. This healthy energy drink doesn’t need these additives. The water comes exclusively from natural sources. Only caffeine has been added to increase your performance. WATER JOE® is also used by athletes from all over the world, because the additional push ensures real increases in performance. This water is healthy and still popular as a pick-me-up. Until now, there was no caffeinated water on the market. You can try something completely new with WATER JOE®. Why do caffeinated drinks always have to be unhealthy, when WATER JOE® is a much better alternative? The bottle design alone is impressive and the sports cap makes the caffeinated water a mobile companion.

Multiple award winner

Not every new product is always good, but WATER JOE® has won several awards. You can look forward to a water that gives you a fresh kick while still being healthy. If you're looking for a caffeinated drink that's just cool and has no calories, WATER JOE® is the right choice for you. The water with caffeine is not only popular for partying, WATER JOE® also works against familiar work fatigue. If you want to increase your performance and attach great importance to a healthy diet, then this innovative product will inspire you. This pick-me-up with special properties does not contain sugar. It also contains no colourings. Meaning you can look forward to completely natural water, which also comes from traditional sources. The "Made in Germany" water is sold in an unbreakable PET bottle and is incredibly successful.

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Caffeine Comparison

WATER JOE® - THE ORIGINAL - 170 mg/l Coffee 170 mg/l Black tea 150 mg/l Cola 100 mg/l