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In 2015, the website TOP 10 LISTS listed, among other things, Top 10 products from the best known brands in the world, grouped into various categories. The 2015 TOP 10 list of energy drinks listed products such as; – Red Bull® – Monster® – Mountain Dew® – Rockstar® –

WATER JOE® – DAS ORIGINAL – reached 7th place.

Zenith Global

Zenith Global

Issue: 7 | Published: 07/2000

In 2005, WATER JOE® was honored with the title of functional water no. 1 at the GLOBAL BOTTLED WATER CONGRESS in Dubai.

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In 2002, WATER JOE® was voted the most popular non-alcoholic beverage in German clubs. This was the result of a survey from January 14, 2002, carried out by the market research institute Plop (Berlin). The survey was carried out among 1,500 club owners all over Germany on behalf of the industry magazine “Disco.

The panel showed that WATER JOE® – DAS ORIGINAL – was leaving even established brands like Coca-Cola, Nescafè Xpress und Afri Cola in its dust.

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Issue: 7 | Published: 07/2000

In the year 2000, the consumer safety group Stiftung Warentest gave WATER JOE® the following review:
Anyone who finds plain mineral water too boring reaches for garishly colored soft drinks, sour fermented beverages, or trendy hemp drinks. Drink manufacturers are constantly creating new products that are especially popular with kids. But kids are exactly the ones who should not be drinking too much of the brightly colored soft drinks or other trendy beverages. Why? Some contain questionable dyes.

Tested: 38 popular drinks (non-alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, carbonated soft drinks, flavored water, juice or hemp drinks, or kombucha).

WATER JOE® can be a great choice as a thirst-quencher for adults!