Our Management

A mixure of a young and expirienced team

Jan Niemeyer Reeckmann

Klaus Stephan Reeckmann


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Christian Berdi

Christian Berdi

Sales Germany

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Jean Becker

Jean Becker

Director of IT

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Our History


New Management

The WATER JOE® team was restructured, and the WATER JOE® brand was relaunched.


TOP 10 Listung

In 2015, the website TOP 10 LISTS listed, among others, Top 10 products from the best-known brands in the world, grouped into various categories. This year, the TOP 10 list of energy drinks included products such as; – Red Bull – Monster – Mountain Dew – Rockstar –
WATER JOE® reached 7th place.

Distribution Resumes

The licensing and sales contract expired, and the company Gondwana AQUA Tech GmbH resumed distribution.


functional water no. 1

In 2005, WATER JOE® was honored with the title of functional water no. 1 at the GLOBAL BOTTLED WATER CONGRESS in Dubai.


Distribution Transferred

Distribution is handed over to a well-known German beer brand.


A clean act!

In 2002, WATER JOE® was voted the most popular non-alcoholic beverage in German clubs. This was the result of a survey from January 14, 2002, carried out by the market research institute Plop (Berlin). The survey was carried out among 1,500 club owners all over Germany on behalf of the industry magazine “Disco.” The panel showed that WATER JOE® was leaving even established brands like Coca-Cola, Nescafè Xpress und Afri Cola in its dust.


Stiftung Warentest

In the year 2000, the consumer safety group Stiftung Warentest gave WATER JOE® the following review:

„WATER JOE® …can be a great choice as a thirst-quencher for adults!”“



Also in 1996, the company “Gondwana Trade International Brands GmbH & Co. KG” (now Gondwana AQUA Tech GmbH) acquired first the German, then the worldwide licenses and brand rights (with the exception of north and central America), which it still holds.


In 1996, Water Concepts LLC in Wisconsin, USA, began distribution in the US. Since then, it has produced WATER JOE® at the spring in Nicolet Forest, USA.


WATER JOE® was invented in 1996 by David Marcheschi, a student from Chicago, Illinois, USA. He was searching for a healthier alternative to the previously available caffeinated drinks like coffee, energy drinks, or cola. In the same year, the idea of infusing uncarbonated mineral water with caffeine was celebrated as the marketing success of the year.