Naturel Water with Coffein as stimulant

WATER JOE®  DAS ORIGINAL  set itself apart from other typical drinks. 
As the world's first caffeine-containing water, it eliminates tiredness and, unlike energy drinks, guarantees no sugar and unnecessary calories.The water with kick does not burden the body and can even be easily integrated into the daily routine as part of a diet. Therefore, sweets or sticky sugars cannot be found when looking at the nutritional form of it. WATER JOE® is also the perfect thirst quencher for those who love the pure taste of water. Completely tasteless, the water with caffeine goes well with numerous menues, dishes and snacks.. 

Sustainable production in Germany

All WATER JOE® soft drinks without sugar- besides  DAS ORIGINAL  is 
 NATURELL – without caffeine on the market coming from a German nature reserve. Various rocks naturally enrich the H20 with minerals which give the water a kick before even filling it and adding the caffeine.

Sustainability is high on the agenda for WATER JOE®, as the use of recyclable PET bottles demonstrates. The unbreakable and sterilized PET bottles preserve the high quality of its contents and make preservatives
needless. Refreshing top quality made in Germany:
Workaholics, party people and athletes appreciate the party drink with the exceptional caffeine kick..

Icon kein Zucker

No sugar

Icon keine Kalorien

No calories

Icon keine Farbstoffe

No dyes

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